Welcome to Duxone South Africa

Duxone is the latest offering from Axalta Coating Systems and offers the Axalta Coating Systems guarantee of quality with exceptional value for money. A value-line which figuratively speaking has "painted" the town red since its introduction and is already proving itself to be a winner in the value line segment.

Duxone is a solvent borne refinishing system that provides a wide variety of applications catering to your every need. This complete system comprises a comprehensive range of 2K and Basecoat toners for Solid Colours, Metallics, Pearls and Xirallics.

Axalta Coating Systems Technology:

  • Highly consistent and reliable product quality
  • Excellent opacity
  • Low investment and easy handling
  • User friendly and easy to mix and apply
  • Wide application window
  • Accurate colour formulations
  • The product range has been selected to meet the climatic conditions in Africa